5 Signs Your Wife Is Cheating

Posted on 23rd February 2011 in Cheating Spouse

signs your wife is cheatingIf you suspect that your wife might be cheating on you there are several things you can look for to try and establish a pattern of deceit.

Not everyone exhibits every change when they are being unfaithful, but you need to be aware of what to look for if you want to save your relationship. Look for the following 5 changes in your wife when trying to determine if something else is going on.

5 Signs Your Wife Is Cheating

  1. Change of Routine

  2. Change in Intimacy

  3. Change in Appearance

  4. Change in Internet Usage

  5. Change in Mood

Signs Your Wife Is Cheating – Change in Routine

If you suspect that your wife is having an affair, look to see if there are any subtle changes in their daily routine. Make a mental note if they are buying you more gifts and acting differently without a reason. This could be a subconscious response to the guilt they feel for cheating on you.

Signs Your Wife Is Cheating – Change in Intimacy

Has there been a dramatic change in intimacy in your relationship? Has the frequency gone down? Look for changes in sexual patterns and requests. If they are looking for you to try something new or odd this could be because they’re acting this out with someone else too.

Signs Your Wife Is Cheating – Change in Apparel

Has your wife started to do her own laundry or dry cleaning? This might be an attempt to hid evidence such as cologne smells and other things. Furthermore, do you also find that she is trying to look good all the time? Is she now fussing over her hair and her clothes when she hadn’t before? This could be an attempt by her to try and impress someone new.

Signs Your Wife Is Cheating – Change in Internet Usage

Watch your wife’s computer history. Are they frequently on Facebook? Does she have a large number of friends that are the opposite sex? Is there someone that she is conversing with regularly? This could be a sign of an emotional connection with someone else instead of you. Look to see if she is regularly deleting their internet history to cover her tracks.

Signs Your Wife Is Cheating – Change in Mood

Has your wife become more distant? Do you find that she’s stopped conversing with you on a regular basis? In a lot of cases a cheater will start to emotionally distance themselves from you and will become defensive when pressed about the issue.

Another point to note here with change in mood is that some wives might react differently and become overly affectionate with you. This is a subconscious reaction to cheating where they try to justify it by over compensating their physical love and affection to you. Make a mental note of either of these two emotional changes in your relationship.

Remember these signs your wife is cheating are just indicators, they are not guarantees but either way look to see if any of these patterns lasts for longer than 30 days and don’t be afraid to trust your instinct.

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