6 Signs of an Emotional Affair in Your Relationship

Posted on 22nd February 2011 in Emotional Affair

Emotional affair signs are much harder to discern than physical affairs, but they can be just as damaging to a relationship. What makes an emotional affair so dangerous is that it can happen with out you even knowing it which drives an emotional wedge between you and your partner.

Having a friend of the opposite sex does not mean your spouse is involved in an emotional affair, but they can happen when your partner or spouse becomes more emotionally connected with someone else rather than you.

If you feel more excited and comfortable sharing intimate details about your life with someone of the opposite sex rather than your partner or spouse, this could be a be a sign of a budding emotional affair.

Read below for the 6 most common emotional affair signs to determine whether or not an emotional affair is happening in your relationship.

6 Emotional Affair Signs

Both you and your partner need to be aware of the signs of emotional cheating, but don’t jump to conclusions without investigating these signs first.

If you can answer “YES” to most of these questions there’s a good chance that an emotional affair is taking place.

Question 1. Has your spouse stopped sharing their emotions with you?

If the answer is yes, there’s a good chance that their emotional energy is being spent on someone else. This is one of the most obvious emotional affair signs and if you see it happening in your relationship then you need to nip it in the bud.

Question 2. Has your spouse become secretive about their schedule during the day?

When an emotional affair takes place, usually someone will keep that “friendship” hidden including the time they spend with that person.

Question 3. Have you started fighting more often?

When someone is emotionally cheating they feel like the other person is out to get them and just doesn’t understand their situation which leads to fighting and denial. If this is happening there’s a chance that your parnter is emotionally invested in someone other than you.

Question 4. Does your spouse frequently change the subject when pressed about the relationship?

Has your spouse tried to sweep your concerns about the relationship under the rug saying “there’s no need to worry” and they’re “just friends”? Often they will deny the relationship to themselves but will become irritable when you try and bring it up.

Question 5. Has their sex drive gone down?

Has your spouse’s desire for sex gone down recently? Have they become sexually distant from you? Emotional affairs tend to lead to sexual tension in relationships where sexual fantasies are spent on the other person and not you.

Question 6. Are they keeping their Facebook and Twitter accounts hidden?

Has your spouse recently changed their Facebook or Twitter passwords? This could be a clue that they are hiding an emotional affair from you.

The 6 emotional affair signs mentioned above are indicators that there is an emotional affair going on or in the works. If you find that the answer to most of these questions are YES take this as a sign that your relationship might need some work.

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