How To Trust Your Husband Again After He Cheats

Posted on 8th March 2011 in Rebuilding Trust

How Can I Trust My Husband After an Affair?

husband had an affairIf your spouses affair has made you depressed and self conscious and you find it impossible be in the same room as them but you still want to salvage your marriage, I’m going to show you how to get your partner back and restore trust and honesty back in your marriage.

I’m sorry your spouse cheated on you and when it comes to rebuilding trust and honesty in a relationship actions speak louder than words. Your spouse will need to demonstrate to you that they are serious about changing their habits and that they deserve your trust.

The 1 thing you needed to restore trust in marriage is transparency.

Encourage your spouse to be open and honest with you and help them to act in a way shows you they can be trusted again.

But how do you do this?

Below I have listed the 5 fundamentals of transparent relationships:

1. Share everything but don’t smother

2. Be open and honest with your feelings

3. Be sensitive

4. Adopt a zero tolerance “no white lie” policy

5. Create an open door climate

The main focus of this post is on point #1, share everything, but don’t smother. There are 5 tips within this point and each one will help your spouse to become more transparent with you so you can begin to rebuild the honesty and trust in your relationship.

The “Share Everything but Don’t Smother” 5 Tips

1.    Call if you’re going to be late

2.    Be open with your correspondences

3.    Tell them about your day

4.    Keep your phone turned on at all times

5.    Surprise your spouse with phone calls

1. Call if you’re going to be late

Encourage your spouse to call when they’re going to be late. Make sure your spouse let’s you know where they are and when you expect to be home. This might seem like a little thing but it’s very important when you’re trying to rebuild trust.  As someone who was cheated on, the last thing you need is to have your imagination get the better of you considering that your spouse lied to you in the past.

2. Be open with your electronic correspondences

Have your spouse be open with you concerning their electronic correspondences.  Have them give you access to their Facebook account and text messages and check them regularly. If you find that they resist this, then they are not emotionally ready to be trusted yet.  Since they cheated on you there needs to be more give and take on their end.

3. Tell them about your day

Talk to your spouse about your day. Tell them about the projects on your desk at work and how they’re all coming along.  Talk about stories that were shared around the water cooler or lunch room. You don’t need to share every detail, but it’s a known fact that sharing your day with your spouse helps to rebuild trust in a relationship.

4. Keep your phone on you and turned on at all times

Ask your spouse to keep their phone on them and turned on as much as possible and make it easy for you to contact them. This will enable you to contact you whenever you need to and put your fears to rest if you think they might be hiding something.

5. Surprise your spouse with phone calls

Another great way to rebuild trust in your relationship is to have your spouse randomly call you throughout the day. Ask your spouse to call you if they’ve got a minute at work to let you know they’re thinking of you and that they love you. This is a great way to be romantic and lets you know that you are important to your spouse.

These 5 tips are just the start of rebuilding the honesty and trust in your marriage. Share, don’t smother. It will take work, patience and understanding to fully rebuild the trust that was broken.

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Husband had affair

restore trust after an affair

How hard it can be to try and put the pieces of your shattered life back together after your husband cheated, but, it’s actually more common than you might think to rebound from an affair and trust your husband again.


In fact over 50% of people who have been cheated on and 65% of cheaters want to try and restore their relationship back to the way it was before the affair.

I will show you how to agree on new boundaries that will help you both feel safe and secure without feeling trapped, imprisoned or micromanaged.

These methods are easy to understand but they will take a little practice and patience, you can read how to do it in my free report below: How to Survive an Affair.

How to survive an affair

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